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These are the latest things I have submitted here.


These are not my images, but images that I've found here that I really like.


Scripts & Things

I think I will use this area to list scripts and things that I don't really want as deviations, since they're not really great works of art, just small things that do simple things.

:bulletblue: Move Complaints - Haha sorry, but this is just too stupid and simple to be a deviation. All this does, now, is move the complaints forum up to the top of the forum list for community. Here's the script, works in Firefox and Chrome.

:bulletgreen: Better forum styling - this makes the forums a tad better, well in my opinion anyway. Makes some links normally dark green, blue on hover, and lightens visited links (handy for knowing what you've read before) and it also tightens things up, kills that status forum box, and styles the forum search to look right. Get it here, and install into a new blank Stylish skin.

:bulletblue: Forum - Mark recent - this is based on an old script (…) and it will show the order of comments on a thread, and even let you jump to the latest 5 replies (per page, not per thread) if you hover over the far right of the page. Get it here. Works in Firefox (with Greasemonkey) and Chrome.

:bulletblue: Points Converter -This just puts a converter into your shop menu, and lets you input a points number, or US dollar amount, and it will convert the number into the other "currency" for you. Just note, the shop menu will stay open if you have anything inputted in the boxes. Remove any numbers and mouseout of the menu to make it close back up. Install here, works in Firefox (with Greasemonkey) and Chrome.

:bulletblue: Normal Deviation Clicks -This keeps dA from loading the "faster" AJAX links, things like, and instead loads the more normal link. What you see when you click links. This solves a bunch of bugs that happen because of the superbrowse way of loading deviations, and I just personally find it a much better way to load deviations. Install it here, works in Firefox (with Greasemonkey) and Chrome.

:bulletblue: dA Journal - Saved Text - This saves your text from journal to journal so you don't have to copy/paste tags in. It works on your create new journal page, and it will save your text once you hit Publish Entry, or the Update Saved Text button on the bottom right. Works with Firefox (with Greasemonkey) and Chrome, install from here.

:bulletpurple: Ignore people in chat rooms without SuperdAmn - this is something that may be useful if you ever don't have SuperdAmn, and just must ignore people. Just open this page and then copy the text in that gray box and bookmark it (or just paste it into the URL of your chat page and hit enter) and when you're on the chats, you can click that bookmarklet to ignore people. Just remember, capitalization is important, and to ignore more than one person, simply put a comma (,) in between the names, with no spaces.

:bulletblue: deviation Background Color - This lets you color the background of deviations pages, which may be useful or preferable to you. You can even save that color so all deviation pages will have your set background color. But, it will only work on pages, not the AJAX #dabc123 type URL's. You can click the title of the deviation to get to the normal URL, or install my script that does this for you above. Install it here, works in Firefox (with Greasemonkey) and Chrome.

:bulletpurple: Bookmarklet for easy dA embeds - This will let you easily turn videos into the proper dA embed code. Copy the text here and then bookmark it, then click it and paste in your video URL.

:bulletblue: Forum Preview - This lets you preview forum threads. Hover over the eyes to the right of threads to see what the original post is. Get it here works in Firefox (with Greasemonkey) and Chrome.

Here to Now

I try to pay attention to a lot of the geek life (is geek the cool word?  And nerd the insult word?), and I think that practically everyone is a geek now.  You sort of have to be in order to live in this world.  It's the de facto now.  I've always been a sort of geeky/science-nerd.  I remember, while in elementary school, loading up Number Munchers off of cassette tapes and playing as long as I could on a green and black monitor.  And it was awesome.  But the computer labs in the library computer room had color monitors (well 4-bit color or something), and that was even cooler.  Oregon Trail anyone? ;)

Then for my birthday once my godfather made me a little box with a random assortment of buttons and lights and buzzers on the top and an electrical screw terminal in front, with each terminal going to the electrical leads on each of the components.  The idea was I could use jumper wires and screw them between certain terminals and have it do things, similar to those old electrical test kits.  This one was simpler, but was home-built from RadioShack.  I think I had more fun taking it apart and learning how it worked than making simple circuits.

The fun in taking it apart led me to long childhood adventures of finding old things and taking them apart.  Old radios, record players, televisions, fans, kitchen hardware, just about anything with a plug or battery compartment on it.  Then I discovered a warehouse just a mile and a half from my home that sold used University of Michigan equipment.  Basically office supplies or lab equipment.  This was the goldmine!  I would buy things (or rather my parents would) constantly.  Some things I knew, others I had no idea of their purpose.  But that was one of the best parts; Buy something mysterious, take it apart, and try to guess as to what it did.  I was so obsessed that I would go there during the night to dig in their dumpster looking for things.  I once even found an old dentist chair.  That one was fun.

Anyway, that was my childhood.  Hell it still is, to some degree.  I'm always picking up random things and taking them apart to harvest the useful parts for my various side-projects.  Geeks/nerds don't care that they're labeled that way and it might not be a compliment.  They don't care, much.  They do what they do because they love it.  And for anyone, with any passion, you don't care how it looks on the outside.  You do it because you love it.

But I think the terms geek/nerd have changed.  Since it's no longer a niche subject, and now so universal, it's no longer in those classes of cool to be different.  That probably sounds hipster or something, but I think there's some truth to that.  Part of the fun, for me, was that I had a hobby that was niche and that not many people did.  Now that everyone has that techo-lust, it sort of annoys me.  I listen to a lot of the TWiT network podcasts and hear constantly about new phones and wearables and things.  Tech is all around us.  And now, with so much tech in the world, I can't really get into it.  Not really because I don't want to, more that I really have no use for it…  and I guess also because it's so mainstream and used by people ;)

Tech For The Idiots

Part of making things popular (I think) is making it dead-simple to use and generic.  The tech companies found a way to do this.  Old style computers and things used to require the owner to know the inner workings and how it worked.  It made computers a niche product, at least for power users.  Well maybe not quite so draconian as that, but you get the idea.  In order for the general population to take up things such as mobile computing, it needs to be dead-simple and have no way for the user to break it.  Apple sure has done that, and Android to a lesser degree (No idea where Windows fits in there :lol:)  These new things also need to be generic, so that people can feel they "fit in" and have access to all it can.  But this means that people are calling themselves techo-nerds, but without all the dedication and devotion it once required.

It's that part that makes me not have that same love for a lot of things.  It doesn't require any work.  It just does.  A lot of this tech is now just as simple as a pencil sharpener.  Don't get me wrong, it's still cool playing with this technology.  It's just missing that pull it once used to have.  Or hell, maybe I'm just growing up now and my tastes have changed.  But I don't think so.  I still love tech, immensely, but I look at tech differently now.  Sort of like shopping for food and finding that rare fruit that you can't wait to eat, and now it's like shopping for oranges.

What I loved was that it took work and learning to use something, and that put you in a narrow group of users.  A special club.  Now that practically anyone can pick up a device and know how it works and use it, there's no longer that special club.

Well this is getting long, but I wanted to spread some observations I've made.  Does any of this strike home to anyone?  I don't want to sound like a total cynic, since I love that a lot of people are totally connected all the time, and people are learning a bit of how these things work.  But something has been lost, for me anyway, in what I used to consider geekery.

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So art wise, I'm mainly a photographer, but I like to do video compositing too.


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Oh god, this is horrible news :eww: by ChickenfoxStudios

Like stated in that article, simply the close way extensions and the browser work together is one major selling point.  It's why we use it.  Firefox extensions are very good.  They make other browser extensions look like cake when Firefox users want the whole meal.

And I heard about them dropping support for unsigned extensions, which puts me in a tough spot since I made one (very simple) extension simply to hold files locally for me.  chrome://chromefiles/content/html/timer.html is an example.  I just stick whatever files in there that I want then bookmark it.  When I copy my profile over to other computers, that extension and all its content gets copied over.  I'd rather not have to do a file:/// type thing.

True Firefox support has gone down, but that's (my guess here) simply due to the fact that Chrome has users that tout it's amazing… something :lol:  Firefox is for the power users while Chrome is for idiot users.  Similar to how I think full-on computers are for power users and smart phones/tablets are for idiots.  Sadly the idiots seem to be winning.
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