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Newest Deviations

These are the latest things I have submitted here.


These are not my images, but images that I've found here that I really like.


Scripts & Things

I think I will use this area to list scripts and things that I don't really want as deviations, since they're not really great works of art, just small things that do simple things.

:bulletblue: Move Complaints - Haha sorry, but this is just too stupid and simple to be a deviation. All this does, now, is move the complaints forum up to the top of the forum list for community. Here's the script, works in Firefox and Chrome.

:bulletgreen: Better forum styling - this makes the forums a tad better, well in my opinion anyway. Makes some links normally dark green, blue on hover, and lightens visited links (handy for knowing what you've read before) and it also tightens things up, kills that status forum box, and styles the forum search to look right. Get it here, and install into a new blank Stylish skin.

:bulletblue: Forum - Mark recent - this is based on an old script (…) and it will show the order of comments on a thread, and even let you jump to the latest 5 replies (per page, not per thread) if you hover over the far right of the page. Get it here. Works in Firefox (with Greasemonkey) and Chrome.

:bulletblue: Points Converter -This just puts a converter into your shop menu, and lets you input a points number, or US dollar amount, and it will convert the number into the other "currency" for you. Just note, the shop menu will stay open if you have anything inputted in the boxes. Remove any numbers and mouseout of the menu to make it close back up. Install here, works in Firefox (with Greasemonkey) and Chrome.

:bulletblue: Normal Deviation Clicks -This keeps dA from loading the "faster" AJAX links, things like, and instead loads the more normal link. What you see when you click links. This solves a bunch of bugs that happen because of the superbrowse way of loading deviations, and I just personally find it a much better way to load deviations. Install it here, works in Firefox (with Greasemonkey) and Chrome.

:bulletblue: dA Journal - Saved Text - This saves your text from journal to journal so you don't have to copy/paste tags in. It works on your create new journal page, and it will save your text once you hit Publish Entry, or the Update Saved Text button on the bottom right. Works with Firefox (with Greasemonkey) and Chrome, install from here.

:bulletpurple: Ignore people in chat rooms without SuperdAmn - this is something that may be useful if you ever don't have SuperdAmn, and just must ignore people. Just open this page and then copy the text in that gray box and bookmark it (or just paste it into the URL of your chat page and hit enter) and when you're on the chats, you can click that bookmarklet to ignore people. Just remember, capitalization is important, and to ignore more than one person, simply put a comma (,) in between the names, with no spaces.

:bulletblue: deviation Background Color - This lets you color the background of deviations pages, which may be useful or preferable to you. You can even save that color so all deviation pages will have your set background color. But, it will only work on pages, not the AJAX #dabc123 type URL's. You can click the title of the deviation to get to the normal URL, or install my script that does this for you above. Install it here, works in Firefox (with Greasemonkey) and Chrome.

:bulletpurple: Bookmarklet for easy dA embeds - This will let you easily turn videos into the proper dA embed code. Copy the text here and then bookmark it, then click it and paste in your video URL.

:bulletblue: Forum Preview - This lets you preview forum threads. Hover over the eyes to the right of threads to see what the original post is. Get it here works in Firefox (with Greasemonkey) and Chrome.

Download Your Entire Gallery

I found out about this handy little tip from this YouTube video here:

So basically you need Java (which probably most of you have), and then just this file: ( for the direct link to the file.)  Then all you do is copy and paste your profile link into the program and click Rip.  A folder called rips will be created, and after a bit of time, you'll have downloaded all of the images (and descriptions) in your gallery.  I'd recommend these settings:

And you might also open the file in a text editor and change the download.max_size = 104857600 to something bigger.  As the default, the max filesize of things it will download is 100 MB, but I doubled that to 200 MB just to make sure any large files get downloaded.  If for some reason it doesn't grab everything, run it again and check.  I found it missed a bunch of my files (and wouldn't grab the descriptions) the first time I ran it, but did it again and (I think) it picked up what it left behind the first time.

As some of you may know, dA has done the lay-off shinnigans again and who the hell knows what's in store for this site.  But I personally don't like the idea of dA closing its doors or being sold to some other company.  So just in case, I wanted to pass along this handy tool (which I assume works elsewhere, too) to download and backup your files (which you should have been doing all along.)  Enjoy :)

Journal History


Jon Spence
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
◄ The deviantART electricjonny ►
I spend most of my time on the forums and chat rooms. I love hitting the forums and having fun there, I usually hang out in the Suggestions forum and Software forum.

You can also find me in the #h3lp and #seniors chat room.

◄ The real life electricjonny ►
My real name is Jon Spence. I'm a 30 year old student studying Television and Digital Media Production. So I know a lot about video and things like that. I started studying photography in high school, and have loved it ever since. I mainly shoot with a Canon PowerShot SX100 IS. My hobbies include taking things apart and experimenting with electronic things, and biking. I like the outdoors and I used to camp a lot.

So art wise, I'm mainly a photographer, but I like to do video compositing too.


Perfect health, or gobs of money? 

44 deviants said Health!
18 deviants said Money!

Random musings from electricjonny:

I wonder if cryptologists ever buy lottery tickets…


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But thanks! :D My thirst for curiosity, much like your sex drive (hopefully), is quenched. 
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:lmao:  Really?  When I am drunk, I tend to watch movies or try to masturbate ;)

But this is the central campus of the University of Michigan, where I live.  This exact spot is around 11 miles away from where I live.  I post it because, it seems like an actual webcam should be just that; a webcam :B
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But thanks! :D (Big Grin) My thirst for knowledge, much like your sex drive (hopefully), is quenched. 
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